onepointfive identity

Rhombus creates a playful and immersive identity and website for Brand Experience Agency start-up, onepointfive.

onepointfive was founded by two experiential marketing veterans, Rob Pryce and Joel Barsch. They bring years of experience working with Adidas, Xbox, Pringles, and many others at various industry-leading agencies. Now they’ve set off on their own venture, with a dynamic modern approach to experiential marketing – with purpose at the core.

Rhombus was asked to create an identity and website that attracted the same high calibre clients to onepointfive that the directors were used to working with.

Rhombus first established the brand’s tone of voice, leading a discovery session with onepointfive, drilling down on who the directors are, their history and reasons for starting the business. The end result was a fun, engaging tone that marries the directors’ personalities with their vision for onepointfive. This tone became the backbone of the project and underpinned everything Rhombus did during the design process.

Rhombus created an animation-led brand with monochromatic core elements that contrast with vibrant pops of colour, directly in line with Rob and Joel’s vision. This was paired with lowercase typesetting set in Uni Neue to reinforce the conversational, warm tone. Geometric typeface Gellix was used for the wordmark and body with Maison Neue Mono for calls-to-actions and prompts – evoking the brand’s digital nature. The visual aesthetic is focused around a dynamic circle system that can float, bounce and slide across a range of contexts, from the website to pitching decks and social media.

The goal was to build a website that represents the experiences onepointfive create for their clients – seamless and immersive, with a playful nature. We used a mouse and scroll reactive animation while gradually introducing copy and content section by section to reinforce the conversational tone and ensure maximum engagement. The experience was enriched with the use of an 8D soundscape and audio triggers seeded throughout the site, culminating in a fully-immersive website, fine-tuned to engage with their target market.


Credits: Rhombus Studio

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