One Handcreame

Blürbstudio designed One Handcreame. It was a project they created to provide their clients with an original gift for Christmas and New Year.

“The end of the year is always a special time. Finally, we have the opportunity to take off these pink glasses to admit to ourselves that we have not read 1 book a month, we still have not found this gym pass and we have thrown plastic into the mixed more than once. This is the moment to celebrate lots of food, Christmas gifts and last minute plans for the New Year’s Eve. We love unexpected presents, especially those that we can offer ourselves. This year we decided to surprise our clients, business partners and friends one more time.

When other companies compete in creating products for ever new body parts, we decided to focus on the ones we really use. This Christmas we wan to pay tribute to the limb in which you hold this piece of paper (there is a high probability that it is your leading hand). We have prepared a unique product – One Hand Cream. From now on you can properly care for it and give it some respect.”



Credits: Blürbstudio

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