OLMA Fair Posters

This interesting approach to poster design was created for the traditional Swiss agriculture event called OLMA, and it was designed by Dominic Rechsteiner and Vitamin 2, a designer and agency based in Switzerland respectively.

The posters were created with a combination of striking typography and pictorial images, to represent the elements of the fair, the animals. The design was made in a way to generate enough interest so the viewer actually stops, as the image is blurry but still recognizable from a distance.

Since its very first implementation in 1943, graphic designers, artists and photographers have been creating advertising messages that succinctly announce the upcoming major Swiss OLMA event. Several of the 75 works so far received an award and thus entered Swiss poster history. The creators of the OLMA posters sometimes have well-known names such as Alois Carigiet, Walter Burger, Hans Falk, Pierre Gauchat or Ruedi Külling.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Dominic Rechsteiner

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