Oli Booth Architecture

OB A is a residential architecture practice based in Tmaki Makaurau Auckland. PERKS was engaged by OB A to create a brand identity and website to reflect their unique design philosophy.

The main requirement of the brief was to translate the OB A approach – this focuses on how the environment and peoples routines intersect within a place and can be utilised to enhance the everyday lived experience. These moments and happenings within a place that would once be overlooked are honoured within the OB A process and embedded within the architecture. It was important to communicate the intentionality of the OB A process within the identity, whilst also ensuring a personal feeling – just as home feels to those who live in it.

This was achieved through a softly spoken typographic style that allows the architecture to be the main focus. A distinctive art direction approach was established that captured the essence of the moments within a space, as well as create a rich, natural colour palette – this is best seen through a series of video stills captured by Samuel Hartnett.

One of the most interesting parts of working on this project was uncovering the overlap of design processes between architecture and graphic design, and utilising this to work in a new and collaborative way.


Credits: PERKS, Ella Hampshire-Perks

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