OFFF Barcelona

For three days, OFFF, the International Festival of Creativity, Art and Digital Design of Barcelona, will once again bring together the leading voices of the creative industry who set the trends of new imagery and aesthetics in the fields of design, art, entertainment and post-digital culture.

Written by:
Luana Magalhães

10.03 2023

The Festival

The OFFF Festival is an event that celebrates creativity, design, art, and digital culture. This year's festival, which will be held on March 23-25 in different spaces of Disseny Hub Barcelona, will bring together 65 speakers from around the world, including renowned studios, artists, and designers. The festival's lineup includes workshops, masterclasses, a competition for emerging professionals, and several activities by sponsors and partners of this edition. In addition, OFFF's program includes free access to the Fun Zone, complete with food trucks and live streaming of the conferences.


Chapter 1 - Teaser

One of the main attractions of the festival is its impressive lineup of featured guests, including Alex Trochut, Brian Collins, Framestore, Timothy Goodman, and James Victore. The workshops program also features iconic graphic designers and artists, including David Carson, Gemma O’Brien, and Zetafonts, who will share their knowledge and expertise with the attendees. Moreover, OFFF has the institutional support of Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull, and several official sponsors, including Adobe, Wix Playground, Moritz, Houdini, and Zetafonts.

Attendees of the OFFF Festival will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best designers and artists in the industry, get first-hand access to cutting-edge tools and products, and network with fellow creatives from different parts of the world. The festival's main partners, Adobe and Wix Playground, will also offer free masterclasses and mentoring sessions to help emerging creative professionals advance their skills and knowledge. Overall, the OFFF Festival is a must-attend event for anyone interested in creativity, design, art, and digital culture.


Chapter 2 - Insight

OFFF 2023 Visual Campaign

OFFF Festival has recently announced its latest visual campaign for 2023 called "Cube," which reflects the diversity and transformation that comes from the festival's speakers and artists' creative practices. The campaign revolves around a cubic-shaped object that journeys through a set of rooms representing the different creative practices of the festival's speakers. As it moves through each space, it imbibes its unique qualities and transforms its shape, colour, and texture, signifying the transformative inspiration the audience receives from the speakers at OFFF. The campaign's visual representation celebrates diversity, constant change and highlights the imperfect and continuously evolving nature of the creative process.


Chapter 3 - Entertainment

The campaign was brought to life by a team of experts, including Vasava from Barcelona, responsible for the concept and creative execution, Found from London for CGI and motion, and Combustion from São Paulo for sound design and music. The campaign's unique concept and visual representation promise an exciting event that celebrates creativity's transformative power and inspires attendees to create something unique and diverse.

Credits: OFFF Barcelona

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