OFF – Odessa Film Festival

Continuing with today’s line featuring festivals and special weekly events representative of different art expressions, we’re now presenting OFF, Odessa Film Festival’s visual identity designed by Jarosław Dziubek. His design has a minimal and clean aesthetic worth being curated as Mindsparkle Mag’s best design selection. 

Now that festivals and huge events are coming back, we cannot wait to see all of their varied visual identities and creative concepts after a year off. Jaroslaw came up with a black and off-white color palette for his minimal design. However, with last week’s Top 10: Simple and Minimal Branding, we’ve overthrown the fact that all minimalistic design has to be in a classy color combo like B&W. Could you picture this project in another color?
Moreover, OFF’s stationery design plays with greyscale gradients, one of 2021’s most featured trends respecting color techniques. We’re amazed by how this trend stuck to all of us, as we’re sure that you’ve used it at least once this year. 

All in all, we’re huge fans of OFF’s reviews, as many people were grateful about witnessing Jaroslw’s design in their city. Also, we’re in love with the accent of the logo’s weight by only filling the letter O, which gives a unique and heavy-weighted imprint. 


Credits: Jarosław Dziubek

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