Oddworks coffee

OddWorks, by andstudio design,  is a subscription-based cold brew coffee brand. Founded by two friends, they manifest that ‘odd’ can actually work, and something that is unusual can be appealing.
Before embarking on a new identity creation journey, andstudio design noticed that the coffee industry is gradually blending into similar looks — either being bold and rebellious or creating reliability with its simple graphical solutions. Hence, with its innovative subscription-based idea, OddWorks needed to stand out from the category to change coffee lovers’ perspectives on daily consumption. Graphically, they played it through its energetic look, where letters and symbols became distorted and fit into a layout either on a physical product or left as a secret beyond any digital frame. And somehow, it worked. Somehow, ‘odd’ matched ‘regular’ and strange became intriguing, inviting everyone to question what the brand was about.
As OddWorks itself says it all, there was no need for additional characters or stories to be built around the new brand direction. Instead, the name put into a graphic element becomes the main component throughout the visual language. Composed letters into awkward shapes vividly express strangeness, yet its colours and icons create a friendly invitation to get acquainted with the brand.


Credits: andstudio design

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