Oceans Beach Bar branding

Oceans is a new beach bar located in Costa da Caparica, it offers an unique experience to their customers, from the food that is very well prepared, to the entertainment and comfort you get from the space itself.  The client was looking for a graphic identity to reflect their premium personality as well as their beach feeling.
Te design approach from Savvy Agency from Portugal was inspired by the nautical surroundings, the graphic elements reflect the maritime sign flags that are used in the regattas you are used to see while relaxing on the beach.  The logo itself is clean and elegant and it is framed by unique shape patterns using Fibonacci´s golden ratio to define a grid and a system, giving an authentic experience. The color palette was also based on the nautical universe, using both blue and red to define the brands fun and elegant personality.
The brand´s system offers an integral brand experience that´s easily identifiable while both fun and elegant.


Credits: Savvy Agency

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