Nudista Branding

The client, Micky Irisarri, came to Erretres with a strong conviction that would lend the project a clear vision and a weakness for canned and bottled foods that is contagious. His project consists of a gastronomic proposal in the form of a tapas bar that seeks to position canned food products as a healthy, simple and, above all, extremely appetizing option. After long sessions, “Nudista” was chosen as the name that would carry out the project’s objectives and inspire new horizons for the brand. The brand concept was developed by researching the nude in the history of art and classical mythology. Once the brand’s energy had been focused, the concept was adorned with distinct graphic elements that comprise a single visual language. For the identity, a pure typographic family was chosen, one that is typically linked to the luxury sector, but which, in this case, is associated with the values of this novel product, giving it a slightly renaissance and popular touch through the use of an oval shape that is equally reminiscent of the corners of a can or the beginning of the golden spiral. The typography is accompanied by a very POPular symbol in Spain: that of two diamonds, which, decades ago, was used on television to indicate that the program to follow was not recommended for minors or the fainthearted.


Credits: Erretres

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