nuca cosmetics branding

NUCA is a new cosmetic brand seeking for youthful skin of healthy looking girl. It is a brand for women who are smiling outside but also wise inside and show natural beauty to the world instead of putting glamorous make-ups. The brand became very popular on social media even before its launch. Eggplant factory carried out brand strategy, naming, BI, package design, web design, poster shooting and instagram marketing of NUCA and now we are practicing overall management of NUCA including product planning and management. The name NUCA means nape in Spanish and it metaphorically expresses healthy and sensual image of girl. We added lovely pastel colors to slightly futuristic design by imagining dreamlike dressing table of one girl. All containers share the same mood as they are either matte textured translucent containers or clearly colored ones like marble and the same mood was used for product shooting. This unique feeling of NUCA is optimized for viral marketing conducted based on image and NUCA is communicating with customers while continuously posting fun or inspirational videos to official SNS channels.

Credits: Eggplant factory

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