Most Studios defined a brand platform that set Nimly apart from the technically complex smart home context, instead focusing on the softer family benefits of feeling both safe and having a warm and open home where family members, friends, and services felt welcome. They believe locks influence the impression of a home. They even believe they’re involved in the feeling of coming home. Locks simply go beyond the act of locking and unlocking. Think smooth access, easier lives and better homecomings. Technology is moving in and on. Homes are getting smarter and more connected by the day. But smart is nothing if it isnt human. If their ideas and products dont improve peoples lives, they don’t do them. They know life is larger than tech.

When producing the new Nimly brand they were responsible of all aspects of the creative process. Everything from messaging, SoMe templates, illustrations, packaging and photography was done with the highest standards in mind. All visual assets were crafted by our team with support from niched specialists from time to time. The product lifestyle images for example was shot in the winter (the snowiest and coldest day) but was to be set during summer. A challenging task that required a lot of creative solutions both when preparing as well on the set. They were also smart about how to maximize the value of the production budget by co-shooting various media simultaneously.


Credits: Most Studios

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