We, as Mindsparkle Mag, are really into full-typography-based aesthetics as you may have seen before. NFTYPE UNION‘s project is no exception. Featuring a black and white minimalist design that suits both digital and editorial styles. Plus a stunning website that perfectly transmits this. So, let’s dig deeper.

NFTYPE.ART is a just-launched art project from a small collective. Their first collection is called ‘The Number’. We all have a favorite number, and each one in this Collection is just as unique as you. Their minimalist design is timeless. On their website, you can get your number today. There are a couple of very special personalities who have inspired them all along this journey.

It has a very minimalist approach and contradiction to the fully overloaded NFT world — explosions of color, flashy collisions of pixels, sensory overwhelm. NFTYPE’s are much more than mere NFTs. They don’t glitter; they don’t boast. They’ll winkingly bring you calm, steady joy. The courage to pare things down and embrace original concepts is what makes them come alive. A strong statement of plainness in a time of unlimited opportunities. This bold project shows a deep commitment to developing such a strong identity by an expert in the typography field.

NFTYPE is a typographer, a technologist, and an entrepreneur from Zurich and New York. Connected by a love of design and aesthetics. The drive to create something of their own was born from both an excitement about the revolutionary possibilities of NFTs and a simultaneous revulsion at the loud, strident bubble that has formed. They playfully drafted initial concept ideas and collections all about typography and Swiss design.



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