Newfound Equilibrium

Samsung once again reached out, not for product visuals but to invite Clim Studio to be The Digital Creators of their exhibit during the 2024 Milan Design Week—a substantial art installation.

The exhibition explored the co-existence between humans and technology. It provided a mesmerizing audiovisual experience that invited audiences to discover a digital realm centered on the creative process, showcasing how thoughts and ideas can be tangibly interpreted and how humans dream of creating together for a better future.

This project required a different approach compared to typical TV campaigns or social content. Exhibits, with their synchronized LED screens, projection mapping, massive physical spaces, immersive multichannel audio, and reflective mirror-like surfaces, demanded rethinking elements such as rhythm, size, detail, pace, and movement with the audience experience at the core. The aim was to create a relationship with the visuals, sound, space, and the installation as a whole.

The second space, Innovative, starts from the essential to explore future possibilities. Technological innovation here acts as an enabler, detecting movements and responding to reveal visuals, creating a deeply satisfying, contemplative experience.

Harmonious combines technology and human experience, transforming window images into organic shapes that reveal a new world. This space represents the search for a future where humans and technology collaborate in synergy, contemplating a newfound equilibrium.

The final scene, Infinite Dream, represents the convergence of the impossible and possible. It immerses humans in a world of familiar and fantastical elements, perfectly balancing the essential, innovative, and harmonious. This room epitomizes Samsung’s design philosophy, depicting a world of infinite dreams and coexistence, where progress creates meaningful value.

The Fuorisalone defines Milano Design Week, the premier event for Milan and a global reference point for the design industry. It strategically enhances traditional marketing and communication activities for brands worldwide.

Creating art for a brand differs from personal artistry. While life, love, travel, and experiences inspire creatives, each project’s inspiration varies. The key task is to identify what feels necessary and tailored for each project. Collaborating with Samsung and Cheil on this project was exceptionally inspiring for Clim and his team, allowing them to envision and refine the dream-like atmosphere Samsung aimed to showcase. Extensive research enhanced the project’s impact, exploring materials, lighting, scenarios, and textures for an immersive experience.

Creative Director – Clim
Executive Producer – Jack Alexandre
Client – Samsung + Cheil International
CHEIL South Korea
Global Creative Director – Yun Jang
Art Directors – Xiao Feng + Rosa Wang + Hee Jin
Producer – Kyum Hoi Koo
Director – Clim
Producer – Jack Alexandre
Concept Artist – Tonet Dura
CG Design – Federica Bertot + Pablo Schiavo + Jitin John + Everthon Estevan + Wendy Eduarte
CG Design & Animation – João Lucas + Witold Markiewicz + Federico Piccirillo + Marcus Bakke + SergioFuego Damonte + Steffen Knoesgaard
Editor & PostProduction – Berta Terrassa
Music & SFX – QB Sound
Physical – SILO lab


Credits: Clim Studio

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