New VOID watch PKG01

Simplicity is at the core of Void watches design philosophy, a philosophy strongly rooted in our Swedish heritage. Void prefers simple shapes and use materials that are best suited for the purpose of our products. The company pays attention to every detail and we never compromise on quality. In August 2016, VOID Watches proudly welcomes an entirely new product line to its family of timepieces, the PKG01. The 7mm case of the PKG01, VOID’s thinnest case yet to date, is proportionally balanced by its acutely tapered watch crown. The large white dial is deliberately kept clear of unnecessary details with a single red dot on the second hand being the only colour element of the design. For the straps, while offering classic colours and materials such as black calf leather and a silver mesh Milanese bracelet, they have also introduced staple neutrals found in popular fashion that are surprisingly uncommon for timepieces. The PKG01 maintains the company’s core branding elements including the discrete logo hidden at six o’clock. Following the modernistic principle that form follows function, every detail of the PKG01 has been thought of with no stone left unturned. Behind this new series is Patrick Kim-Gustafson.

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