Marius Burgmann, Mike Magduschewski, Tim Magduschewski designed NEW ØRD3R. This summer Bikemailorder opened the first ever modular concept store for bicycles and cycling culture in Berlin. Starting under the subject „gravel“, the store will change it’s topic every three months, to allow customers to experience its exclusive and stand-out offers. To develop an outstanding design and interior concept, A.D.B. have teamed up with please don’t touch to create a modular and responsive brand identity. 

Flexible wheeled displays can be moved around the shop and allow small products, as well as entire bicycles to be exhibited. 

Modularity was also the main goal of the brand identity. It had to be highly flexible and combinable with all the goods and brands that will be displayed. So A.D.B. decided to develop a typographic system, which adapts to every format. From social media, to posters, price signs and shop windows. Due to its small special features, such as letters replaced by numerals, the identity becomes more recognizable and playful.

Photography by Annika Feuss

Favorit Extended & Favorit Mono by Dinamo


Credits: Marius Burgmann, Mike Magduschewski, Tim Magduschewski

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