New NY Layers Designs

Designed by Will Alexander and Tom Robinson, Layers is a curated library of design resources. We aim to produce visuals that are true to life, enabling designers to focus more on design and less on template creation. As designers and founders of the project, we developed a name and visual identity based on what makes us unique — the layered overlays that create our product’s realistic appearance.

Using the ‘L’ from our name and an A sized frame that represents the artwork area, we developed a simple mark that illustrates the concept of layers. Through the repetition and extension of this mark, we created a bold pattern, to be used across all of our products.

The result is a brand that designers can easily identify with and, as Layers increases its library, can become the go-to resource site for quality mockups.

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Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Layers

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