New Arrivals Campaign

TS/D Agency designed New Arrivals Campaign. Everyone knows about Globus, but few people can say what brands it represents. This was the main problem and designers had to solve it. Where to start? What is unique about this shopping mall? No reason to advertise Globus itself — thus they decided to talk about the brands diving into it. Simple and clear strategy — they annonce every new brand arrival to invite people to check them out. The Portal. This is how new brands appear to be inside the Globus — they arrive through fancy looking portal. This arrival connects consumer’s emotion and ratonal qualities of the brand in a very simple way. The shape of the Portal resembles the Globe — the origin of the Globus brand name. However, this is not a shpere anymore. Some people called it The Portal from the Future, which works good for the brand as new trends provider.


Credits: TS/D Agency

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