‘Neraida’ carpet cleaning services

the Phantom designed “Neraida” cleaning services group, nowadays consists of “Rekor”, meaning ‘record’ and “Niagaras”, named after the Niagara falls. “Neraida”, meaning ‘fairy’ in modern Greek, was founded in 1978, in Thessaloniki – GR and today is the mothership of 3 major carpet & upholstery cleaning companies in town.

The Neraida cleaning services identity, was focused around the concept of cleaning and the company’s “magical” name. The identity can be projected to all customers, portraying a commonly used service with liability, efficiency and consistent quality. Values which are reflected in the brand identity. Clean and sharp typography, contrasted with the colourful carpets, create the company’s signature mark, with a friendly but no less prestigious feel, combining the illustrative pluralism with the clean typographic compositions.

Neraida’s cleaning services business cards, were coated through screen-printing with a heat-activated ink in a random patterns which mimics stains on carpets. Thus, when rubbing the surface lightly to remove the stain, it disappears and the carpet is magically cleaned. This low-tech trick helps make the identity memorable, conveys the message across all users and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.


Credits: the Phantom

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