Munken — The Magic of the Beginning

Every design begins with a sketch: The Munken Papeterie Collection distills paper into its most concise, clear and sustainable form to enable maximum artistic liberty. Juno from Hamburg combined a radically minimalist design with a sustainable approach, the thoughtfully crafted products, Munken Works and Munken Notes, offer this prime medium in its purest form: no lamination, no coating and no plastic packaging.

For the launch of The Munken Papeterie Collection, Munken has invited the designers Noa Goffer, Lily Kong, Diogo Potes and Evelina Kroon to create their unique version of a notebook cover. With no limitations and no guardrails in place, the artists made the notebooks unmistakably their own.

Munken Notes
Subtle cover colouring, refined colour edges, and the different paper shades distinguish the four variants of the Munken Notes series: Munken Pure, Munken Lynx, Munken Polar and Munken Kristall. Since both the cover and the inside of the notebook are made of the same uncoated fine paper, the product offers a seamless aesthetic experience, inviting creatives to explore freely.

Munken Works
From small sketches to big concepts, Munken Works offers three varieties to accommodate every need. The unusual sizes of the notepads exemplify the individuality and design sensibility defining the inventive minds of our time. Free from distractions, Munken Works is produced from Cradle to Cradle Certified®, sustainably sourced premium paper.


Credits: JUNO

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