Mujjo – Leather tech accessories

Mujjo is an emerging dutch designer label that believes in creating great products. They specialize mainly in leather iphone 6 & 6s, macbook, macbook pro and ipad cases to touchscreen gloves and more coming in beautiful brown, grey and black color variations. Starting with a simple idea and crafting around that intention, Mujjo obsessively try to keep their products as simple as possible, while trying to make each part as good as possible, with every stitch, every button, they have all been intensively thought out. While it’s not easy to keep things simple, it does pay off to create a product that is perfect in a sense of simplicity to that extent that you cannot leave anything away without compromising it’s intention. It’s part of their corporate personality to keep challenging themselves and their brand based in Netherlands, raising the bar on a daily bases.


Credits: Mujjo

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