Morpheus & Co Identity

Studio Ems designed the visual identity for Morpheus & Co. After working with the London based interior design studio Morpheus London since 2017 on property branding projects, the owner came to Studio Ems when he required a rebrand to update their name to Morpheus & Co. The name is in line with their new company vision, to connect Morpheus to an international community of freelancers who can complement the in-house team with CGI design, architecture, illustrations and on the ground knowledge of country specific design trends. Studio Ems has crafted a logo using an ampersand that works to show the link between Morpheus and the community of creatives around the world they collaborate with.

The visual identity is anchored to an ampersand which implies a sense of flow, connectivity, even a little infinity, with the feeling of flow that you want in a home or commercial space. It provokes the meaning of spaces that flow seamlessly from one to the other, taking you on a natural or comfortable journey, whether a place has sharp defined walls and angles, or softer curves and open spaces.


Credits: Studio Ems & Andy Bird Copywriting

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