Moreno Arquitectura

We all know how architects love using grids and have that peculiar fascination for geometric figures and their combination helps them create more organic morphologies when designing. So, today’s design post is about Moreno architecture studio’s branding project led by Estudio Altillo, who enhances the most structured and rigorous side of architecture.

In a general aspect, we can notice that every feature of this identity project is measured and analytical as every negative space has been calculated by a guiding grid. A circle inscribed in a square composes the studio secondary miniature logo and for the main one: a grid. Plus a bold dark all-caps type font and a faded color palette sum up Moreno’s strong visual identity.
Also, Estudio Altillo developed their characters to write de word “Estudio” following the grid created for the logo. Representing all the above: a neat, simple, minimalistic, and consistent branding project.

Estudio Altillo is an Argentinean multi-disciplinary workspace based in Rosario, which finds graphic, branding, and communication solutions to its clients’ everyday challenges. They are driven by the quest to beautify the way businesses operate, be they small startups or global multinationals. And they go about it by engaging clients throughout their creative process.


Credits: Estudio Altillo

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