The Moon Cake Packaging

Usually, when we go to the supermarket, we observe various commodity packages on the shelves. For a moment, we’re dazzled some of them lost track of what they are actually selling. Today we’re featuring The Moon Cake Packaging designed by Chang Xin Lee.

Bo Bing is a board game traditionally played during the Mid-autumn festival, and it involves gambling. Let me think Studio was in charge of its identity in 2020. They have a strong interest in the packaging of children’s toys. So, designers did something similar with Bo Bing’s design. They kept it simple, direct, and it looks like you want to take it home right away.
The Moon Cake Packaging design has a colorful and festive imprint, which directly takes us to China. Inside, we can find many components besides the game’s dices and the pottery bowl. They all form part of a unique traditional experience. Our inner child is not only excited about the game but its design.

Chang Xin Lee, based in Shanghai, China, is engaged in graphics and visual design. He believes that a good design is a combination of beauty and rationality. Also, not only he’s a designer but art director and illustrator.


Credits: Chang Xin Lee

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