Mohawk — Paper With a Plan

Do you frequently play with the wrapping paper or the used napkin after eating candy or having a coffee? We certainly do this, especially with the double-wrapped sweets to create different things or just fold them in a tight, perfect square shape with the logo centered. Today, we’re showcasing a project that features paper as well, but in a fancier and colorful way here to you, Mohawk — Paper With a Plan by Hybrid Design

For Mohawk’s product portfolio relaunch, designers worked alongside the Mohawk team to brainstorm, plan and design a visual system that would re-center the paper experience around the user. Thus, they created five new collections that combine papers across grades around distinct purposes. Each printed piece helps communicate through design and process. For color palette chosen for every item is fascinating, and when put together, they all match perfectly too!

All in all, we’re excited about Mohawk’s  360-degree campaign to create a more accessible point paper specifying, as it doesn’t matter your experience level. Also, we love its freshness and varied styles, always with a modern imprint ahead. 

Additional credits
Executive Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas
Creative Direction: Caleb Kozlowski
Art Direction: Olivia Ward
Design: Carl-Hampus Vallin, David Weber


Credits: Hybrid Design

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