Tatabi Studio & Co. designed Mimi & Boo – a company dedicated to extending healthspan through premium supplements.

Its design is inspired in the Mediterranean. The designers thought about Mimi & Boo as an elegant and relaxed concept. A chilled and restful house on the Mediterranean sea which brings us good memories. With these ideas in mind they decided to use a blue glass jar for the initial product purchase and, for the refill sachets, colours based on the sun, the sky and the sand.

Mimi & Boo works to reduce its environmental footprint, and so the premium glass jar for the initial product purchase will also be used for supplement refills. The refill sachets focus on sustainable packaging and will create less waste and lower environmental impact from shipping.

Products are made with maximum efficacy and bioavailability, and will initially include “Ria-Gev™” to support healthy aging and boost NAD levels, “Probiotics” for gut health, and Vegan “Omega 3” oil for cardiovascular health.

Client: Mimi & Boo
Design and Art Direction: Tatabi Studio
Photography: Beatriz Conca
Stylist: Aurora Canós
Models: Alba Gijón / Julian Barley


Credits: Tatabi Studio & Co.

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