MiGOALS Design Diaries

MiGOALS is an empowering Australian stationery brand that creates beautifully designed minimalist diaries that motivate and inspire people to live their dreams and lead a more productive lifestyle.

Founder Adam Jelic and Creative Director Alec Kach came up with the idea to design a simple product that allows people to take their goals from dream to action. Looking to take the average daily planner to the next level, they designed a diary specifically geared towards helping people focus on their goals. They say, ‘We’re on a mission to help you unlock the potential within yourself to DREAM, PLAN and take ACTION on the life you want. More than a stationery brand, we’re a global community of dream chasers and action takers helping you GET SHIT DONE.’

Their latest release of diaries, notebooks and posters takes inspiration from the concept of ‘going back to basics’. Each product reflects this theme with an aesthetic centred around clean simplicity, focusing on minimalism, classic design and bold style. This, they say, ‘makes it easy for you to stay on top of your game without fear of procrastination.’

The first MiGOALS diary was launched in 2010, and since then tens of thousands of people have embraced MiGOALS products to define their goals, live their dreams and ‘get shit done’.

The talented team behind the MiGOALS diaries includes experienced freelancers, graphic designers, motivational speakers and bloggers – all of whom have experienced what it’s like to have a dream and do what it takes to make it happen. Each product has been carefully and purposefully designed based on years of research into goal setting as well as the team’s own personal experiences. The result: Truly inspiring planners that not only help people organise their lives but motivate them to make the most of it.

The MiGOALS diaries showcased in this post include the 2018 Diary, the Goal Digger Planner, and the Get Shit Done range.

The 2018 Diaries are motivational daily planners with inspiring quotes, productivity manifestos and dedicated sections for goal-setting and progress-tracking. As described on their website, the diaries help ‘create a vision for your future and set goals to carry you through the year, then plan each month and week to ensure you’re always moving towards your purpose.’ The diaries have a clean and minimal aesthetic with a subtle ’18’ embossed on the front cover. The A5 diaries are available in a hard and soft cover and come in four different colours.

The soft cover Goal Digger Planner, available in black and grey, can be described as a ‘motivational coach’ in diary form. The Goal Digger range is ‘the ultimate 2018 planner to help you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams’, designed to help people have a clear vision of their purpose and develop a solid foundation to reach meaningful goals aligned to their personal values.

The Get Shit Done range, as its name implies, is all about taking purposeful action to reach meaningful results. As one of their newer product lines, the Get Shit Done notebooks have been continually evolving and have featured collaborations with creatives such as Marsha Goelmac, Sean Fennessy, The 5th and Jasmine Dowling. This range includes A4 and A5 notebooks that come in a variety of minimalist designs, posters, and newly-released desk pads.

More beautiful products from MiGOALS can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


Credits: MiGOALS

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