MEKONG – The Interactive Tea Art Experience

D4NH, Ariyasa & MAKI studio created together MEKONG – The Interactive Tea Art Experience. “MEKONG” takes inspiration from the beautiful landscape and people of the Mekong Delta region. This unique tea art experience encourages people to “discern hidden beauty” in daily life, urging them to pause, see, and feel the beauty amidst the chaos of life in this highly urbanized age.

MEKONG also marks the first official collaboration between Ecolotus and Dear TeaHouse, Vietnam’s 1st concept teahouse. A major part of the immersive installation-art experience of MEKONG is crafted via the innovative use of Ecolotus’s variety of products, including dried lotus flowers and leaves.

Via this interactive, educational experience, Dear TeaHouse and Ariyasa aim to arouse spectators’ all senses, enlighten them with the cultural richness of MEKONG delta region, and encourage them to seek beyond conventional notion in order to discern the essence of beauty in the people and the land of this beloved area.

Concept: Ariyasa, Graphic Design: D4NH, Photograph: MAKI studio


Credits: D4NH

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