Mejo 2021 Packaging & Illustration

Among 2020’s quarantine trends like the toilet paper challenge or the TikTok dances; was to solve puzzles. It’s an activity that entertains for granted, could be a whole afternoon or a couple of days. Also, these kinds of games help us to rest our sight from being 24/7 exposed to screens. So, today we’re showcasing a trendy puzzle brand called Mejo.

Lucia del Zotto was in charge of Mejo’s illustrations for the games and its packaging design. She developed three different puzzles L’Amore, L’Incontro, Il Tempo and La Crescita. They all form part of a limited edition and have written by hand its series number. The collection features a modern style of images and an incredible color palette that includes color gradients. The designer played with bidimensional and isometric views for her illustrations.
For the packaging, Lucia kept it simple with a minimal concept to make the actual artwork pop up. Full-color boxes with her masterpieces centered. Also, Mejo provides a unique experience for solving their puzzles. The brand made for each game a particular playlist to set the mood. Plus, you can add to your chart a circuit of posters related to the topic of your puzzle.

The overall appearance of the puzzles is stunning; we love Lucia’s work for Mejo. She managed to create a lovely story out of her illustrations. So, now that autumn has begun, let’s enjoy spending some time inside with friends or family with warm beverages and play some games. As Mejo suggests, let’s take our daily meditation quote: slow down and start a puzzle.


Credits: lucia del zotto

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