Meet Chirp

In today’s world, consumers are constantly seeking new ways to control their energy level without the crash or jitters that come from most energy drinks. Chirp, available at and at Target, is a sparkling energy water that was created to address this specific need.

Chirp uses white tea extract to give consumers the lift they need, from a plant-based source they can feel good about. Each 12 ounce can has 50mg of caffeine, about the same as half a cup of coffee. Chirp also incorporates a small amount of L-Theanine to ease stress and anxiety, while helping with focus and attention.

Flavor is where Chirp really shines. Unlike other energy waters, Chirp doesn’t have any of the bitter aftertaste associated with the caffeine. It also contains zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, zero sugar, and is non-GMO. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A product like Chirp should feel fresh and exciting the moment you encounter it on shelf. The design team at Friendship Beverage set out to create a product that spoke directly to Chirp’s core audience, while also standing apart from its primary competitors. While most other sparkling water brands utilize literal depictions of ingredients and aggressively splashing water, the Friendship design team opted for something that feels more simple, vibrant and fun. Each Chirp packaging structure features a bright gradient and a bold, geometric illustration style. Chirp also utilizes a tall, slender can tor a more premium feel and better visibility when merchandized in a refrigerated cooler.

Throughout the design process, a group of core users were periodically tapped to ensure the packaging was striking the right balance of style and taste appeal. The result is a design system that is purpose built for the natural consumer that also feels unlike anything else in the water aisle.

Look for Chirp as it debuts in natural food stores and regional grocers across the United States later this summer.


Credits: Friendship Beverage In-House Design Team

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