Medable campaign & brand evolution

Medable is powering the future of clinical research through a decentralized, remote trial platform built on patient-powered data. A LINE was approached by Medable to develop a high-impact brand campaign that could drive category leadership while acting as a Northstar for its
brand evolution.

To support Medable’s core mission of making healthcare more effective and equitable for ALL patients, we created the brand story of Everybody. Every Biology, a concept built on the idea
of achieving a more equitable future for healthcare through the removal of barriers to diversity
and access.

To bring the story to life, we designed a new visual identity system built on biological feeling imagery combined with close photographic crops of individual parts of the body, all art directed and color-treated to feel uniquely Medable. This bold, flexible system speaks to the diversity
and equality while also balancing with a technical feel that alludes to their cutting-edge
technology platform.

The evolved brand was launched across an updated website, CEO vision deck, out-of-home advertising, and a set of brand films. After launch, Medable quickly closed a $300M Series D round giving them a valuation of over $2 Billion.

Additional credits
Strategy: Emilie Lasseron, Nick Monkhouse
Creative Direction: James Trump
Project Lead: Tess Lenk
Design Director: Taylor Simpson
Designer: Will Rayner
Designer: Grace Cai
Video Art Direction: Amelie Haeck, Samuel Charpentier
Animation: Amelie Haeck
Sound Design: Olivier Lamontagne


Credits: A LINE

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