Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa is a Melbourne-based jewellery brand. Both Studio worked together to create an identity that would celebrate the aesthetic of their range and embrace the personality-filled quirks of their handmade jewellery. Their brand concept revolves around the unconventional; from the unexpected type placement to the clashing glittery bright neon red and marbled blue paper stocks, offset by rich moody colours.

The shiny black Mea Culpa boxes are embedded with glitter, an unusual but fitting choice for a high-end brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. As a part of the rollout of the new brand, the designers art directed and styled a series of images that showcase the Mea Culpa pieces in otherworldly textural and colour-filled settings. The Mea Culpa website brings all of these elements together, creating an immersive world of visual excess.


Credits: Both Studio

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