Clim–Studio ideated and developed Marvin’s corporate character to help them stand out from their competitors. A huggable humanoid creature that will live across all their platforms and products. He is a behavioral health platform that provides customized mental health care for different professional identities. Marvin partners with hospitals like UCSF, Harvard Psychiatry, and UCLA to provide care for their employees and staff over telemedicine.

“Marvin strikes the right balance between being serious and fun, feeling novel yet approachable.” Once his character was created, creatives produced a series of four looping animations and five static images.
Welcoming users to the platforms, congratulating them when terminating a task, acknowledging their evolution… those were some of the messages we needed to convey with our static and animated visual metaphors. Simple props, cozy materials, and a gradient-based color approach. Those graphic, bold, and semi-abstracted sets helped Clim studio create a bespoke visual universe tight to their brand.

Creating Marvin’s ambassador was both a fun and complex process. Designers sketched and ideated different types of creatures. Ones more abstract than others, Clim Studio covered first a broad spectrum of possibilities. Marvin needed to feel approachable, a good listener, a helper but also a go-getter, uplifting and charming.


Credits: Clim Studio

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