Marmara Apartment

Beautiful apartment design by AREA in Greece.

The gut renovation of a one-bedroom, attic-level apartment on the island of Kefallonia was driven by two primary concerns: on the one hand, the creative reuse of locally available materials; on the other hand, the playful and sensuous nature of the interior, for use as a summer home.

The primary architectural element characterizing the transformation of the apartment is the floor, newly composed of reclaimed marble remnants (left-over pieces from quarry extractions to bathroom countertops to marble baseboards), salvaged by hand from a local marble yard. Three cubic meters of material that would have otherwise been discarded provide one of the cheapest possible solutions to a major budgetary item. Irresistibly smooth and cool to the touch, the seductive marble surface provides soothing relief from the hot summer climate. The endless variety of shapes and colors, carefully juxtaposed on-site through a process of “continuous composition”, forms a lively visual anatomy that both unifies the interior space and stimulates the visual field, eliminating the need for superfluous decorative elements. As a material technique traditionally used to pave makeshift outdoor spaces, the marble pieces with terrazzo infill, applied throughout the main living area, recall the interior courtyard of various Mediterranean housing typologies.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: AREA

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