Margaux is everywear : a collection of versatile shoes and accessories designed in New York, handmade in Spain, engineered to move effortlessly from day to night, and made to be authentic expressions of the individual style and spirit of everyone who wears them.

In early conversations with Margaux’s founders, SDCO Partners quickly understood that their goal was to better articulate and channel the energy and ethos that makes Margaux so loved and unique. Listening to founders Sarah and Alexa, SDCO discovered that this was a company born from serendipitous friendship, creative collaboration, and the belief that comfort, style, and expression belong to everyone.

Everything the Design studio wrote, designed, and developed was inspired by that personal, powerful insight. A subtle refinement of the wordmark, new logomark, icons, illustrations, and fresh color palette reflect a brand that’s both timeless and innovative. The refined and refreshed brand identity comes to life in an array of applications — from the soles of the shoes, product and shipping packaging to digital platforms. The overwhelming response to the rebrand has boosted online sales, press, and praise from customers and collaborators from around the world.

The project scope also included a robust copywriting exercise — from positioning and taglines to values — culminated with a compelling language that engages both internal and external audiences. In parallel a new intuitive e-commerce platform invites current and new customers to effortlessly browse, compare, and buy — and engage with the global Margaux community.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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