Maple Identity

Last week, Scout Lab launched the visual identity for Maple, a new family-tech app that aims to make all parents’ lives easier by giving them more resources and ways to access help throughout the day.
Over the past six months, the Scout Lab design team worked with Maple to create an identity that was raw, honest, and inclusive. After a deep dive into the space, it was clear that almost all of the identities for any parenting related products or services mainly ocused on the white, cisgender perspective. This led the team to work with a range of parents from a variety of different backgrounds and familial structures to create a brand that felt accessible to all.
Drawing inspiration from things like the tree of life, the rolling hills in Calistoga, California, and a universal sense of nostalgia the designers created a visual expression of a platform seeking to transform the experience of what it is to be a parent today.


Credits: Scout Lab

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