Manifesto Mercado Branding

Manifesto is an enriching and invigorating place for the curious and creative community of Porto. They assume themselves as ambassadors of the slow narrative. They want to antagonize the daily frenzy and inspire you by the feeling of evasion. They have a kiosk, a gallery dedicated to documentary photography and a drip coffee stand. Ana Ferreira‘s and Raquel Rei‘s approach to the project was to follow both the name of the place and the feeling of the team that manages it. In one hand, the word ‘manifesto’ itself means to write down and publish, to make your thoughts and ideas heard, to show and present content that you strongly believe in, to the world. And how do you do it? Most of the times through speech, written or spoken. On the other hand, we had this amazing philosophy and way of living, with great balance and minimal impact on the planet, along with a very vibrant will to make good things happen. With this in mind, their approach was to focus on the message. The designer created a system where the message and the ideas have the spotlight, making sure that the institutional information about the store didn’t interfere with that. The designer fell in love with the cleanliness of the white piece of paper with a black typed message on it, and mostly, with the idea of creating a brand that wants to reach their public through ideas, thoughts, and beliefs and spread it, going beyond the selling of the product or the ticket to an exhibition, and reaching a higher purpose.


Credits: We Came From Space

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