Makers + Holm

Lakuna Design¬†created the brand identity for holistic interiors brand, Makers + Holm. After a comprehensive discovery process, the brief enlisted relevant concepts of simplicity, timelessness, and the power of natural and handcrafted environments. Makers + Holm employs the humanistic practice of treating your home like a sanctuary, created first and foremost for the person. The brand prioritizes the mind, soul, and body’s needs and functions.¬†

A classic typeface represents Makers + Holm’s experienced authority. Plus, designers came up with a beautiful and luxurious monogram inspired and customized from the brand’s initials. The icon evokes feelings of shelter and natural beauty.

From founder Rhoda Casey: The holistic home includes eco-friendly materials, sustainably-sourced home goods, elemental features, and found objects of nature. Textiles are made from natural fiber or are upcycled/reusable. Color palettes support a nurturing environment; natural light and air quality are essential. Personal and common spaces are uncluttered for optimal functionality. Locally made furniture combines with timeless treasures of the past.


Credits: Lakuna Design

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