Mackelli Nail Spa branding

Mackelli Nail Spa is an upscale full-service nail and pedicure salon which offers a variety of soothing services to cater its customers’ beauty needs. Its great service, innovative design and eye-catching architecture are reflected on the spa’s branding and visual identity, which were thoroughly designed by La Tortillería. Taking into consideration every aspect of the business, we came up with the stylish name Mackelli; a signature label that would particularly resonate among its core target: beautiful, smart, independent and interesting women. Additionally, the studio created a strong brand and a robust -yet feminine- logotype, but also designed a delicate version to be used as a monogram on particular applications. La Tortillería also produced an exclusive photo shoot with the renowned Danish fashion photographer Henrik Adamsen. All images taken in Copenhagen were used across Mackelli’s marketing collateral, such as print adverts and social media campaigns among other carriers. A charming branding which perfectly complements Mackelli Nail Spa’s business of beautifying.


Credits: La Tortilleria

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