Luxemberg Monsters

Absurd new brand identity and illustrations for clothing Luxemberg Monsters brand in Medellín, Colombia designed by Kev Pineda. The brand openly illustrate ridiculous monsters to tell facts about struggles humans face every day.

The designer decided to create the eye (symbol) to represent the human truth, something they love to do through their products and social media content. The shape is also inspired by their monstrous and comical characters. The color scheme: pale pink and black is used to break cultural stereotypes to reinforce the brands gender neutral centered belief, and since the brand likes to make fun of humans, the pink color is also an abstract representation of human flesh (because we all are pink inside, right?)

For the typography system Kev used Roc Grotesk by Nikola Kostic that features absurd family styles, which helps to communicate their bold statements about humans and it goes really well with their hand drawn characters. Bold typeface, pink and black colors, funny statements, ridiculous monsters and human truths? Yeah thats Luxemberg Monsters.


Credits: Kev Pineda

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