Love Store (Dé)boutonné·e·s

The first week of 2021 is over, and we’re getting bolder with the curated topics; for instance, today, we’re showcasing Love Store branding design. Located in the heart of Strasbourg, Benjamin Mira created a unique and audacious visual system for (Dé)boutonné·e·s or unbuttoned, a store that sells from sex toys and cosmetics through lingerie and gift ideas. 

The brand has a colorful and loud look and tone. However, inside its store, they have everything shy people, adventurers, the most classic lovers, and solitary players might need. And hey! We love Benjamin’s idea to use pleasure’s onomatopoeias to give life to Love Store’s new line. Very smart, as we can all relate to those sounds, right?
Full of strident colors and bold, curvy, black font, the project also has a curious tone that makes us want to know much more about it! Its pop look reveals some clues that (Dé)boutonné·e·s satisfies our curiosities through photograph’s overlay. Moreover, the brand profoundly aims to inform and surprise its audience yet allows us to experiment where it feels good. 

All in all, we are delighted by Love Store’s (Dé)boutonné·e·s visual identity! The design looks on point, and we believe it stands out from traditional stores. 


Credits: Benjamin Mira

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