Lofty 3 Figma Plugins: Inspiration

Lofty 3 Figma Plugins: Inspiration

After the not-so-exciting or exciting, we let you choose your side on this one, about Figma collaborating with Adobe, designers revolutionized by this piece of news. We thought it might become handy to have some tools with you, in this case, plugins. Plus, finding new ways to navigate and squeeze the platform’s tools before it mutates into something else. 

This  3 Lofty collects inspirational sources for you to present potential clients with the best of your work masterpiece. This curated selection includes some extra plugins that will make your portfolio stand out!

Brandfetch: Instant access to any company’s brand assets. Search from millions of logos, colors, fonts, and more. Brandfetch is the go-to place to source digital assets. Claim your brand profile today using their brand search engine.

Artboard Studio Mockups: Create mockups in Figma easily by getting access to thousands of world-class quality Artboard Studio mockup items right inside your Figma files. Easily render Figma frames into real-life product mockups with a click. More items are added to our ever-growing library every day.

Fig3D: Instantly convert your forms, icons, logos, and UI designs to 3D models and get a good render. All in Figma. You can convert shapes and groups to 3D by extruding in the Z plane, rendering realistic images with soft shadows from the 3D models, adjusting the height and shadow direction, and more.


Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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