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Lofty 3 Figma Plugins | Design Systems 

After the not-so-exciting or exciting (we let you choose your side on this one) announcement of Figma collaborating with Adobe, we thought it might by handy to show you some nifty hacks. Plus we thought it might be a good timing now, showing you new ways how to navigate and squeeze out the best from the platform’s tools before it mutates into something else. 

Our first Lofty 3 episode will help you build better Design Systems within Figma. If you’re a beginner UX designer, we selected three tools that will help you master your upcoming UI/UX projects. Plus, you’ll earn tons of time once you become an ace. 

1. Figmaster: Learn how to build your design system from scratch by doing exercises in Figma. In short, the Figmaster plugin is a workbook for Figma that contains many practices on building your modern design system from scratch. How does it work? By doing exercises in Figma, you learn and create your guide style and component library simultaneously. It is a format that will help you get the most out of each lesson. By learning – you make, and by the way, you get to know keyboard shortcuts, plugins, and techniques of working in Figma that will speed up your workflow. Everything happens in Figma – no distractions.

2. ColorKit: A plugin to help you generate lighter and darker shades of a particular color. You can use it to create great color scales.

3. Typography Styleguide: Create the brilliant Typography Styleguide page using your local Text Styles. The world’s first design systems workbook for Figma.


Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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