1. Branding

Inspired by art, not advertising, Lights produces films, live events & interactive experiences. Culturally relevant but never conventional, Lights speaks of the human experience brutal & beautiful, but most importantly, shared.

The visual identity designed by her sister agency Explose reflects the essence of Lights vision: open, fresh, authentic, disruptive. The branding is sober and powerful: a result achieved thanks to the combination of a strong serif typography designed by Margot Lévêque (Romie) and the use of a pastel color palette.

The minimalist layout allows offers a large amount of space for the audiovisual content, which is at the heart of Lights brand strategy.

2. Content, uncontained: Film brand story

The brand film, though abstract, tells a story of awakening freewill, choosing experiences, connecting to a shared humanity & trying to define the stuff of life. If we strip away the abstractions, it illustrates the transition from absorbing advertising to selecting content; the emotions & connections that arise through authentic content & experiences; & Lights ability to reflect these human experiences that bind us.

3. Website:

The website spotlights Lights philosophy, services and work. The creative development implemented brings dynamism to the navigation, through the use of subtle animations and colorful page transitions.

Stack: TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, GSAP, LottieJS, PlyrJS, Vimeo API.



Credits: Explose

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