Lei Back CBD Sparkling Water

Honey designed Lei Back is a tropical flavored, zero-calorie CBD infused sparkling water for the days you’re just looking for a moment. The name and branding are meant to take a person away from the hectic day-to-day and put them in a calm and relaxing state of mind (which we can all agree how necessary that is right now). Each beverage contains 20mg of broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD per serving and is made from simple, natural ingredients. Lei Back is currently available in two tropical flavor profiles –pomelo and guava –with future flavors to follow.

Led by a restaurateur and beverage industry veteran, Green Mountain Brands is a California-based beverage company that has developed a line of sparkling waters infused with broad spectrum hemp cannabidiol (CBD). Green Mountain Brands came to Honey to be their marketing and design partner to launch their first beverage to the market, Lei Back CBD Sparkling Water. Starting from the ground up, Honey collaborated with Green Mountain Brands to develop a brand strategy, brand identity system, packaging design, and an ecommerce website to launch the Lei Back brand into the world.


Credits: Honey

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