Leda Giusti

Tiago Borini designed Leda Giusti. For over 20 years on the market, Leda Giusti is a jeweler specialized in diamonds who works with gold jewelry. As the brand works exclusively with online sales, its design was focused on enhancing and personalizing the shopping experience.

Based on the post office delivery boxes, usually in kraft paper, the idea was to appropriate this material as a brand differential, expanding its use to the points of contact (packaging, shopping bag, and wrapping paper) in a sophisticated way, something innovative and unusual in the industry – commonly associated with noble materials. Kraft, being linked to craftsmanship, attributes the perception of manual work, giving authenticity and exclusivity to the brand, in addition to nurturing the shopping experience together with messages sent in the mail package, which compensate for the absence of direct contact between customer and seller.

To guarantee the brand’s refinement, all applications have distinctive materials, with special textures and have the logo applied with golden hot stamping, alluding to the jewelry gold. The color blue, chosen by Leda Giusti herself, refers to the city where she currently resides and to the light and beachy lifestyle of the place: the island of Florianópolis.


Credits: Tiago Borini

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