Leapfrog Remedies

Maÿk is the creative mind behind Leapfrog Remedies and their launch product, Leapfrog IMMUNE – a powerful immune support supplement that contains the natural anti-viral active lactoferrin, plus zinc and vitamin C.

Lactoferrin is a protein enriched in our body barriers that assists with immune defence but is underused in the health world; the design of Leapfrog IMMUNE needed to be both distinct and vivid enough to engage curiosity in a crowded marketplace.

The pocket-sized carton is perfect for Leapfrog’s on-the-go chewable tablets – no need for water and no big pills to swallow – and the choice of GF Smith Colorplan (FSC certified) paper with a debossed IMMUNE places this supplement comfortably in the premium category.


Credits: maÿk

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