Language Supp

Language Supp Ukraina is an initiative of free online language lessons, supporting children from refugee families. The main slogan “Language is the only limit” stresses that despite potential communication problems we, as humans, all think and feel the same way. The main concept of the visual identity is to use the idea of language, words and thoughts as a way of communication. “Wordcreatures” – fantastic characters built from the letters and diacritics of various alphabets of the world were created for the purpose of this identity. This allows not only the unlimited development of the project with new language versions, but also builds a sense of equality and community among different cultures. Flower heads refer to blossoming buds – flowers that, thanks to the right attention and help, open up to the world and show their true beauty and personality (the same way as feelings of freedom and belonging grow within us when we are able to communicate with our peers in their native language).
Creative Director: Emilka Bojańczyk, Magdalena Dobruk / Podpunkt
Design: Kinga Bożkiewicz / Podpunkt
Visually strong and well made products by /


Credits: Podpunkt

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