After yesterday’s Top 10 featuring Hotel Branding projects, we’re looking forward to going on a new adventure. We haven’t figured out yet where geographically, but certainly somewhere calm and full of greenery. Do you have any suggestions that match this brief description? With this in mind, we’re showcasing a new brand named Landscope, which asked Contexto Studio to develop its visual identity. 

It is a fresh take on land development, and its vision is to create opportunities for adventure and connection. Contexto Studio was in charge of its name and solid branding system to reflect the founders’ core values. With a deep bond with the outdoors and adventure, designers came up with a simple and super recognizable logo.
For the art direction, Contexto Studio decided on going for a short trip to acquire the so needed overall aesthetics for Landscope. Nature, both greenery, and the ocean form part of this gorgeous branding project. The dynamic factor is something present in every image. What is stopping you from going on your next adventure? 

All in all, we are in love with Landscope’s color palette and aesthetics. Contexto nailed to transmit the sportive and venturesome spirit. We might have cleared our minds respecting our next destination, have you? 


Credits: Contexto Studio

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