La Tina

First of its kind design book features 175 women graphic designers from all countries in Latin America. [link to Shop]

From the moment PUPILA came into existence, they have consistently taken an active role in organizing gatherings for the creative community. Their portfolio spans from massive international conferences to design exhibitions, parties, and most recently, the Costa Rica Design Week. In its latest iteration, this event mobilized over 30,000 attendees throughout the city, fostering interactions within the local design industry.

As the pandemic emerged, followed by lockdowns, PUPILA found themselves seeking innovative ways to engage with their creative community. This led to the inception of smaller “pandemic projects,” such as “Creatives at Home Cooking Dinner.” This initiative invited designers from around the world to share the recipes they prepared while staying at home. This same curiosity gave birth to “La Tina,” a print publication dedicated to showcasing the immense design talent of female graphic designers from across Latin America. PUPILA recognized this talent, glimpsing it on blogs and online publications, but aside from a publication by Victionary focusing on prominent women creatives globally, there was no other known print publication highlighting the work of women graphic designers, especially those from Latin America.

For a span of over two years, they committed themselves to meticulously researching and documenting the portfolios of these designers. Their exploration extended beyond well-known portfolio websites, projects, and online articles dedicated to women designers in the field. PUPILA also reached out to friends across the 20 Latin American countries to compile a list of more than 500 exceptional designers. Ultimately, 175 of these outstanding professionals were chosen to be featured in “La Tina,” a 296-page publication celebrating their vibrant, diverse, and impactful work. Of these 175 featured designers, 16 were interviewed, sharing their personal stories, their connections to design, and their visions for the future of the industry based on their unique experiences and perspectives.

Marina Willer, a highly respected Latin American graphic designer and partner at the prestigious Pentagram studio in their London office, penned the foreword for this publication, noting, “Improvisation, spontaneity, and invention are part of the Latin American DNA. That is evident in the extraordinary selection of work that this book brings together by women in design.”

The entire production of this book was entrusted to an exceptional all-female Costa Rican team. The fonts were meticulously crafted by Costa Rican type designer Fabiola Mejía Lutz, with Anacoreta and Montiac chosen for “La Tina’s” logo and all of the book’s text, respectively. Costa Rican writer Maria Montero took charge of the interviews and overall written content, while Cynthia Bonilla, representing PUPILA, skillfully managed the entire process. The editorial design was masterfully executed by Daniela Rojas.

Acquiring this book isn’t just about obtaining beautiful and inspiring stories and images; it’s about gaining insight into the sometimes overt and sometimes subtle distinctions in design work from each Latin American country. For those with inquisitive minds eager to delve into the captivating world of design, particularly in Latin America, this book serves as an excellent starting point.

PUPILA is capable of solving problems of all kinds, except those of love. Founded in 2010, in this short existence, the studio has carried out brand, packaging and book projects for clients in over 24 countries. Although they do well developing solutions for their clients, which has allowed them to show their work at some of the world’s most important design conferences (Brand New Conference, 2019, for example), it’s the independently generated projects that fill the team’s soul. From assembling the largest multidisciplinary creative festival in America (the continent) to founding a specialty coffee brand with unique flavors and packaging, or from putting globally renowned creatives to play soccer or sing karaoke, to launching La Tina. The studio’s work can be found at:


Credits: PUPILA

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