La Diada Posters

Introducing the kinetic poster proposals for La Diada 2023 (Catalonia National Day), designed by the talented team at Toormix, who distinguished themselves as finalists among nine other studios. Toormix seized the opportunity to conceive an innovative poster that eloquently encapsulated the core theme of this year’s celebrations: “Catalan: one language, many accents.”

Toormix’s vision portrayed Catalan as a universal language, represented by a series of ideograms derived from the iconic four bars. This unique graphic system served as a transcription of ‘El Cant de la Senyera,’ the Catalan national anthem, transforming it into a visual poem and a musical composition in the Catalan language. The Senyera, with its four red bars, became a canvas for linguistic expression, with “Cant” signifying “song” in Catalan, creating a multifaceted representation of the anthem through various iconographies.

This ingenious system, born from a flag, underwent a remarkable transformation in the hands of Toormix, evolving into a language composed of symbols. It celebrated the universal richness of symbols while paying homage to culture, language, diversity, and the flag itself, transcending linguistic boundaries to speak to a global audience.

Toormix’s unique alphabet allowed them not only to convey abstract concepts but also to play with words, dialectical variations, and creative expressions, enabling them to adapt their creativity to diverse formats and enrich their communication with a broader range of ideas and narratives.


Credits: Toormix

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